Emerald city Radio
Emerald city Radio
  • About Us

    Why we do what we do...

    Anything that has any meaning to anyone always  brings happiness to at least one person. At least that is what the writer of this paragraph will tell you, however many times if not most times that which brings a happiness and passion to oneself will be unintentionally  transmitted to others. That is what has inspired the creation of Emerald City Radio. However in this case its with intention that we would like to transmit via  microphone and a great selection of some of the best music a feeling that might help your day be a little better. 

    Moving forward...

     It is with great joy and hard work that we will try to bring you the best of each and everyone of us, so that you will have a good time. This Radio can be listened Worldwide thanks to the digital revolution  and we believe that being accessible to every person with a smartphone is something to be excited about.

    Thank you for being part of Emerald City Radio and stay tuned because this is just getting started!!